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TMJ Treatments

TMJ TreatmentsTemporomandibular disorder is a condition that affects the joint in the jaw, or the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). There are many causes for TMJ disorder, though they typically result in the same symptoms. Symptoms include pain or stiffness in the jaw, a clicking sound or a feeling of grating when moving the jaw, an aching pain in the face or in and around the ear, trouble or pain while chewing, and even locking of the TMJ. When TMJ pain affects how you use your jaw, it is time to seek help from our North Hollywood TMJ treatments expert.


There are several ways to treat TMJ symptoms that are noninvasive and do not involve the use of surgical intervention. Our expert in TMJ treatments in North Hollywood is able to help reduce your pain with the use of prescription medications that may include pain relievers, antidepressants, muscle relaxers, or sedatives as necessary.


Bite guards or splints may also be recommended. These are especially useful in cases where clenching and grinding of the teeth may play a role in TMJ symptoms. The guard or splint allows for smoother movement of the teeth over each other, helping to reduce grinding contact.


TMJ Treatments North Hollywood

It might be decided by our North Hollywood TMJ treatments expert that you would benefit from physical therapy to help loosen tight muscles in the face, neck, or shoulders that could result in TMJ disorder. Stretching exercises and the use of ultrasound heat are often used together with positive effects.

Injections have been shown to be beneficial to some patients who do not respond to other methods. Surgical intervention is a final option, but is not typically necessary.

Our expert in TMJ treatments in North Hollywood uses the latest techniques and the least invasive methods possible to treat your TMJ symptoms.



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