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Periodontal Treatments

Periodontal TreatmentsPeriodontal disease occurs when bacteria infect the gums, bones and structures supporting the teeth. Periodontal treatments vary based on the condition’s severity. Our North Hollywood gum disease treatment specialist will evaluate your gum’s health in order to determine the best treatment option for you.

Good dental hygiene and the right combination of nonsurgical treatments are generally considered the first line of defense against periodontal disease. Noninvasive treatments can include scaling, which removes tartar and bacteria from along the gumline, and root planing, which removes harmful bacteria from the tooth’s root in order to provide a smoother surface that discourages tartar buildup. Our North Hollywood periodontal treatments specialist may also recommend an antibiotic mouth rinse or prescribe oral antibiotics in order to ensure the infection is adequately controlled and treated.

If periodontal disease has spread beyond the gums and has infected the jawbones and supporting structures of the teeth, our North Hollywood gum disease treatment dentist may recommend surgical treatments in order to preserve remaining bone and gum tissue and protect your teeth. Pocket reduction surgery is a common treatment designed to reduce the size of the infection pockets around your teeth. Our North Hollywood periodontal treatments specialist may also contour the bone underlying the gums in order to help the gums reattach more easily.

Periodontal Treatments Specialist North Hollywood

Bone and soft tissue grafts may also be necessary. Receding gumlines are common with periodontal disease, and exposed roots are extremely vulnerable to dental decay. Soft tissue grafts can reduce the risk of further recession and protect vulnerable roots. Bone grafts can help restore the bone tissue that is dissolved by the infection. Our North Hollywood gum disease treatment dentist may use your own bone, synthetic tissue or donor tissue to stimulate new bone growth and help prevent tooth loss.

Contact our North Hollywood dentist today to schedule your consultation and to learn more about your options for periodontal treatments.



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