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How Obesity Can Increase the Risk of Tooth Loss

How Obesity Can Increase the Risk of Tooth LossNumerous studies have uncovered a correlation between poor eating habits and tooth loss. Although patients who are overweight are at greater risk for oral health issues than those at a healthy weight or underweight, health professionals have reason to believe there is more to each case than meets the eye. For example, in recent studies, findings support that higher amounts of fatty foods paired with lower vegetable intake are more likely to result in tooth loss and gum disease. Patients who are overweight but maintain a healthy diet are less likely to suffer from oral health issues. Therefore, vegetable intake plays a large role in preserving a healthy mouth.

For many young people, maintaining the proper diet to promote good oral health can be a challenging due to the temptation of ready meals and greater alcohol consumption. A recent study done in the UK found that 1 in 4 young people in the UK are overweight. Unfortunately, this figure is increasing and we should expect the numbers to grow within upcoming years. This data points to a decrease in vegetable intake, leading medical professionals to predict a rise in gum disease and tooth loss. For people of all backgrounds and medical histories, it is essential to keep track of oral health in the form of a dental exam every six months.

Earlier detection of gum disease will help your dentist combat problems more effectively. Fruits and vegetables are a strong tool to fight against the unwanted problems associated with poor dental health.

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