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Eat Cheese to Avoid Cavities

Eat Cheese to Avoid CavitiesWhile eating certain foods can be harmful to teeth, other foods can help protect teeth and make them stronger. In addition to the vitamins and minerals provided by certain dairy products, these food items may provide additional benefits to good oral health as well.

Dairy products contain nutrients such as calcium and Vitamin D that are beneficial to stronger bones and teeth. However, there may be additional benefits for the mouth by eating certain types of dairy products, cheese in specific. Researchers have found that subjects who ate cheddar cheese during the research study had an increase in the pH level in the mouth, possibly due to an increase in saliva production. A higher pH level helps to reduce the formation of cavities in the teeth.

Other dairy products were tried in the study. However, subjects who drank milk or ate sugar-free yogurt did not experience the increased pH levels that those who ate the cheddar cheese did. While the other dairy products may not alter the pH levels in the mouth, they are still beneficial to healthy teeth and gums due to their nutrient contents. The study did not differentiate between cheese to show if all cheeses show these benefits or if the results are limited to harder cheeses such as cheddar.

In addition to eating right and engaging in proper at-home care of your teeth, be sure to see our dentist in North Hollywood for your twice a year exams and professional cleanings.

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