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Wisdom Teeth Dos and Don'ts

Wisdom Teeth Dos and Donts

Are you a candidate for wisdom teeth removal? This common procedure is often needed when the wisdom teeth are unable to erupt properly, or put other teeth at risk due to their position or other characteristics. Following a few simple guidelines after their removal can help you enjoy a smoother recovery.

1. Don’t drive home.

Dental surgery is typically done under sedation or deeper forms of anesthesia, which can make driving dangerous. You will need someone else to drive you home, and might also need someone to stay with you for about twenty-four hours after the procedure, or until the effects of the medication have fully subsided.

2. Do take your medications.

Patients are often prescribed antibiotics or other medicines after dental extractions. Take these as prescribed to reduce your risk of complications. Finish all of your antibiotics unless otherwise instructed.

3. Don’t overdo it.

You need to rest and heal at this time. Too much activity too soon can trigger bleeding and delay healing. You can slowly increase your activity level as you feel able.

4. Do follow all aftercare instructions.

We will provide you with detailed instructions about caring for your extraction sites. Proper aftercare will ensure proper healing.

Finally, call us if you have any concerns or issues as you heal, including excessive bleeding, unexpected or foul-smelling discharge, redness, pain that worsens, a fever, or excessive swelling. While most patients recover without any problems, infections, dry socket, and other complications can occur. Prompt treatment is essential.

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