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Dental Extractions

Dental Extractions North HollywoodA dental extraction is the process of removing a tooth. Our North Hollywood dental extractions dentist may need to perform a dental extraction if your tooth has suffered extensive decay or damage or if the area around it has lost extensive bone or gum tissue due to gum disease. In some cases, our dentist for dental extractions in North Hollywood may also need to perform dental extractions for wisdom teeth, baby teeth that have failed to fall out and for certain other reasons.

Our North Hollywood dental extractions expert will first take dental X-rays or use other diagnostic procedures in order to develop a treatment plan. It is essential that you discuss any health conditions you have and medications you take and disclose your full medical and dental history. This will help reduce the risk of complications. Antibiotics may be prescribed before your procedure if you are at an increased risk of infection or suffer certain health conditions.

If the tooth can be seen in the mouth, a simple extraction may be appropriate. Surgical extractions may be necessary if the tooth has broken off close to the gumline or is impacted. Extractions may be done using a local anesthetic, and in some cases, anesthesia. If you have a history of dental anxiety or phobia or if the procedure is expected to be long or involved, our specialist for dental extractions in North Hollywood may recommend sedation options, which may include inhaled, oral or IV sedation to ensure you enjoy a more comfortable, relaxed procedure.

Dental Extractions North Hollywood

After undergoing a dental extraction, our dentist for dental extractions in North Hollywood will provide you with specific after-care instructions to help reduce the risk of infection and promote healing. Anti-inflammatories or pain medications may be recommended or prescribed to help ease discomfort in the first few days after the procedure.

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