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Treatment Options for Tooth Sensitivity

Treatment Options for Tooth SensitivityTooth sensitivity is one of the most common issues affecting dental patients today. It can make eating sweets and drinking hot or colds liquids downright miserable. There a few different treatment options available to patients suffering from sensitive teeth.

A treatment that can be effective for many patients is a special type of toothpaste that is available at the store for people with sensitive teeth. Sensitivity is caused when our enamel wears down and exposes tiny, porous tubes that lead to our underlying nerves. When irritants get through these tubes, it causes sensitivity. Sensitivity toothpaste is designed in such a way that it blocks the opening of these tubes. The only issue with this type of toothpaste is that it is not very long lasting. In fact, simply by chewing you can remove these protective coverings from your teeth.

Scientists are currently working on a more long-term solution. The idea is to take elements that are already found in the teeth, calcium and phosphorous, and to make them into a paste that can be applied directly to the tooth. This type of paste does not wash away from the tube coverings as easily as the current store-bought toothpaste. While not enough studies have been done to the point that this special type of paste is currently available for purchase, the results have been very promising in fighting sensitivity.

If you are experiencing recurrent sensitivity in your teeth, you may want to consider going to the dentist. During your dental exam, the dentist may be able to identify the source of your tooth pain and provide you with some information as to which treatment will work best for your case.


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