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Talking about Allergies with Your Dentist

Those who experience allergies understand the importance of monitoring foods, goods, and services. Unlike a trip to your favorite restaurant, certain places may be overlooked for housing unwanted allergens. One location in particular would be your dental office. For routine cleanings, fillings, and other procedures, it is essential to check with your dentist if you suffer any allergic reactions.

For patients with gluten intolerance, it is crucial to discuss whether the substance used for tooth polishing is gluten free. You should also discuss any food allergies with your doctor, as fluoride may contain certain food proteins. Likewise, patients with a metal intolerance should find out their options regarding crown placements. Many dentists utilize standard metal crowns. However, all-porcelain crowns are also available.

Should you be allergic to substances such as acrylic and eugenol, which are found in veneers, implants, crowns, and cements, you should ask your dentist to use composite agents instead. Patients with a Eugenol allergy often experience tissue damage and inflammation, and should notify their dentist immediately. Less obvious culprits are the anesthetics used to perform more complex procedures. A commonly used anesthetic called Epinephrine is known to increase heart rate and cause high levels of anxiety for those affected.

Finally, it is essential to notify your doctor of any latex allergies to ensure the use of latex-free gloves. Concerns you may have about potential allergens should be discussed before consultation to ensure you do not come into contact during your visit. Patients who suffer from allergies should not be discouraged from visiting their dentist every six months, as dentists will address their specific needs with diligent care.

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