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Sensitive Teeth and Teeth Whitening

sensitive teeth and teeth whiteningIf you have ever whitened your teeth, you may have experienced sensitivity. If you are experiencing sensitivity when whitening, you are likely using too much or too powerful whitening solution. If you are experiencing sensitivity and you are currently whitening your teeth, you can find relief by talking to our cosmetic dentist in North Hollywood.

There are a number of whitening treatments available and our expert in teeth whitening in North Hollywood can find the one that is right for you. Some people have naturally sensitive teeth for some reason or another, and other people will develop sensitive teeth over time. When you use whitening methods, they can make your teeth extra sensitive. However, we know some tips and tricks that can help to cut down on sensitivity. For instance, if you start using a certain whitening gel on your teeth at home and experience sensitivity, we can offer a lower concentration or you can keep the gel on for a shorter period of time. Both will help when it comes to sensitivity.

Another thing that can help is to come into the office for your whitening. We can help to whiten your teeth several shades lighter with our in-office whitening and in most cases, patients experience no sensitivity.

Keep in mind, if you do decide to whiten your teeth, it is always possible to experience sensitivity, but if you take it slowly and allow your teeth to whiten over time, you may find that you never experience sensitivity at all and still achieve the white smile you are looking for.

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