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Most Common Dental Problems

most common dental problemsIf you develop any kind of oral complication, there are ways to treat it. Whatever problem you have, other people have also had, and our dentist is well-equipped to handle any dental problem. Some of the most common dental problems that can occur include:

1) Bad Breath – Chronic bad breath, also known as halitosis, is often a symptom or gum disease or cavities. Bad breath may need more than just pleasant-smelling gum, so talk to your dentist about identifying the exact cause of the problem.
2) Tooth Decay – Many people develop at least one cavity over a lifetime. This decay can eventually make its way to the pulp of the tooth, and the only way to treat this is by seeing our expert in root canal in North Hollywood. Cavities are the result of excessive oral bacteria, but this bacteria can be controlled through daily brushing and flossing and by getting regular professional dental cleanings.
3) Gum Disease – Infected gum tissue is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults. You may also notice you have periodontal disease based on increased sensitivity and a receding gum line. Treating it is essential because studies have linked gum disease to cardiovascular problems.
4) Sensitive Teeth – If you experience increased sensitivity upon drinking or eating something that is too hot or too cold, your underlying dentin may be exposed. This can result from genetics or from brushing too vigorously.

Any complications in your teeth and gums can result from any number of disease or bad habits, so talk to your dentist at the first sign of trouble.

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