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Link between Second Hand Smoke and Cavities

Link between Second Hand Smoke and CavitiesIt has long been known that smoking tobacco presents a significant risk to your dental health. Recent evidence suggests that second hand smoke may also pose a risk.

Several recent studies were done in Japan that showed evidence that secondhand smoke increases the risk of children developing cavities in their baby teeth. Although the evidence was not as strongly indicated, there was also a link between second hand smoke and the risk of developing cavities in their adult teeth. It is important to establish a good foundation of oral health for your child, as any risk to their primary teeth is simply not worth it. Baby teeth that have suffered significant decay can cause complications in speech and jaw development.

If you are a smoker, it is best to smoke outside, where other people will not breathe in your second hand smoke. While the risk of cavities in others might not seem like a reason to go out into the cold, dark night for a cigarette, cavities can be the precursor to much more serious dental issues. Cavities that reach into the pulp of the tooth will require a root canal procedure in order to save the tooth. And tooth decay is a major contributing factor to gum disease, which can pose complications to overall health as well.

If you have been trying to kick the habit unsuccessfully, our dentists would be more than happy to discuss all the benefits that quitting smoking would have for you and the health of those around you.


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