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How Often You Should Visit the Dentist

How Often You Should Visit the DentistIn the past, it was recommended that everyone make an appointment to see a dental care provider every 6 months for a routine dental examination and professional dental cleaning. However, this is just a guideline. The number of times per year that you should see your dental care provider may be more individualized, depending on your individual needs and situation.

Although good oral health care begins at home, it does not end there. Regular visits with your dental care provider will help to detect potential problems early, before they become larger issues requiring more extensive dental treatment. Most oral health problems are not detectable to the average person until they have progressed and become serious issues. The dentist can prevent this by detecting these problems when they first begin.

It is important to detect decay, gum disease, and oral cancer in the early stages for the best course of treatment. While biannual examinations are recommended for the majority of people, those with good oral hygiene and a reduced risk for dental problems may be able to reduce visits to once per year. Those with higher risks who have other health issues may need to see the dentist three or four times per year.

If you are overdue for a dental examination and professional cleaning, make an appointment with NoHo Dental Group to help you get back on track with recommendations for home oral health care and time frame for future dental visits.

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