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Foods You Can Eat for a Better Smile

Foods You Can Eat for a Better SmileRegular brushing, flossing, and frequent dental exams are important for healthy teeth and gums. However, foods you eat, or even those that you avoid, can make a difference every day for good oral health and a better smile.

Avoiding sugary foods is one of the obvious and most discussed ways that nutritional choices can affect your mouth and teeth. Sugary foods lead to more germs, plaque, and the formation of cavities. Sodas and sugary drinks can reach between the teeth, increasing the risk for cavities and decay and the development of gum disease.

One way to keep the mouth cleaner is to drink more water. Water helps rinse the mouth to remove food particles and debris, reducing the possible formation of germs that can lead to an unhealthy mouth. Drinking water instead of sugary drinks can help reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease.

Vitamin A and calcium are important for the formation of strong, healthy teeth. You can get Vitamin A from foods such as carrots, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. Calcium can be found in low-fat dairy products and sesame seeds. Sesame seeds offer the added benefit of scrubbing the teeth as they are eaten, as do crunchy vegetables such as celery.

Whole grains and lean proteins can also help due to B vitamins, fiber, magnesium and by balancing pH levels in the mouth. See our dentist in North Hollywood for more tips on protecting the teeth through proper nutrition.

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