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Fear of Dental Treatments in Women

Fear of Dental Treatments in WomenMany people have varying degrees of anxiety when it comes to dental appointments. There are some who even have an actual fear that is related to the dentist or dental treatments. This dental phobia often delays appointments or treatment and can interfere with good oral health.

Recent studies show that while up to 40 percent of the population in the western world appears to suffer from some type of dental phobia, women are more likely than men to be afraid of the dentist or dental procedures.

There are many reasons why women may be more afraid of dental events. This demographic is more likely to have experienced abuse, various traumas including those to the face, and illnesses such as depression that increase the perception of pain. In fact, women are more likely than men to have an alarmist approach when it comes to perceptions of pain. Both heightened pain perception and poor coping mechanisms for dealing with pain are known to lead to dental phobias.

It is important to let your dental provider know of your anxieties and fears. There are various methods including the use of sedatives to help reduce pain and to relive anxiety in regards to dental visits and treatments.

If you are in need of dental treatment or just an exam and cleaning, our North Hollywood dentist can work with you to reduce your anxiety and to help alleviate your fears associated with the dentist and any necessary dental treatments.

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