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Dental Problems Caused by High Blood Sugar

Dental Problems Caused by High Blood SugarPersons who suffer from diabetes have an increased risk of other health problems caused by high blood glucose levels. Without proper preventative care, those with diabetes can suffer from serious problems that affect the teeth and gums. Daily care and regular dental exams can help.

Periodontal disease is an oral health problem commonly experienced by those who suffer from diabetes. The first stage is commonly known as gingivitis. Bacteria and plaque that form along the teeth and gums can irritate and infect gum tissue. This leads to bleeding from the gums, frequently from brushing or flossing. Left untreated, gingivitis leads to periodontitis. Bacteria get deeper under the gum leading to pockets, decay of teeth roots, and even degradation of bone and surrounding tissues.

While dry mouth can occur with nearly anyone at one point or another, it occurs more frequently in those with diabetes. Saliva helps keep the mouth cleaner. Without enough saliva, additional bacteria and plaque can settle on the surface of the teeth. Dry mouth also leads to an increase of a fungal infection called thrush. It is important to see a qualified dentist to determine appropriate ways to keep saliva flowing for good oral health.

It is important to maintain twice a year exams with our dentist in North Hollywood for proper recommendations on oral health care if you suffer from diabetes in order to reduce the risks of developing serious health problems that can occur in the mouth.

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