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Where TMJ Comes From

Where TMJ Comes From

The jaw joint is one of the most complex joints in the body. Also called the TMJ, this joint connects the lower jaw to the skull, and allows the jaw to slide from side to side and up and down so that you can yawn, speak, bite, and chew. TMJ disorders can cause pain, difficulty biting and chewing, earaches, headaches, and dysfunction in the joint.

The causes of TMJ disorders are not always obvious. They can occur when excessive stress is placed on the structures that surround or support the joint, such as the facial or jaw muscles, cartilage, teeth, nerves, or ligaments. Bruxism, arthritis, stress, and injury can all increase the risk of developing TMJ disorders. Denture wearers can also be more vulnerable to TMJ problems.

In a healthy bite, the teeth, muscles, and jaw joints all work together. When teeth are lost, the bite becomes imbalanced, which can put excessive strain on the jaw and lead to damage. Dentures are often used to replace teeth, but because they are not worn at night or after they become ill-fitting, they can cause problems with the joint.

Neuromuscular dentures are dentures that are designed specifically for those who are prone to TMJ problems. These dentures are made to reduce TMJ symptoms and improve bite comfort. They are also typically more comfortable to wear and easier to use when biting and chewing. If you have lost teeth and suffer from TMJ, TMJ dentures may be right for you. Call our office today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our team.

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