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What Causes Tooth Decay?

What Causes Tooth DecayPreventing tooth decay is a main goal when it comes to dental and oral health. Tooth decay leads to cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss. Practicing preventive dentistry both in our office and at home can keep your mouth and teeth healthy. Avoid these substances and foods in order to evade these risks.

• Sinus and allergy medications have ingredients that cause dry mouth, creating bad conditions in the mouth. It leads to an increased risk of strep mutans bacteria, which leads to decay.

• Depression and anti-anxiety medications create the same issue, but unlike sinus and allergy medications, patients tend to take these for a longer period of time, making them more dangerous.

• Fruit juices and vitamin water are high in acid and sugar, both of which are very detrimental to the teeth.

• Few people know that diet sodas are actually even more dangerous than regular sodas. They are typically full of acid, a leading cause of decay.

• Some chewable vitamins contain oligosaccharides, which provide fuel for bacteria. Their gummy texture means that they will also stick to the teeth longer than is healthy.

• Some starches quickly turn to sugar in the mouth. These include burger buns, sandwich breads, and cereals.

• Fruits are generally healthy, but dried foods are essentially concentrated sugars. Regular fruits have juices that help wash and dissolve away the sugars from the teeth.

• A few types of cough syrups still contain sugar. Given their content and sticky nature, cough syrup can stick to the teeth and attack the enamel.

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