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Vitamin D and Tooth Decay

vitamin D and tooth decayStudies have shown that vitamin D may play a crucial role in preventing oral health problems. In one particular study, the supplementation of vitamin D led to a 50% drop in the incidence of tooth decay in children. It is believed that vitamin D is so beneficial because it allows the body to absorb tooth-building calcium. It has also been observed that children who do not get enough vitamin D experience late teething and are at a greater risk of tooth decay.

One anomaly that can be seen is that populations where vitamin D intake has dropped have also experienced an increase in tooth decay. Further research is needed to see if this is just a coincidence or if the two are connected. Tooth decay is a serious problem among children and adults, and any preventative measures that could prevent it from happening should be taken. Cavities are often able to be remedied with a dental filling, but if the decay is not taken care of promptly, then it could lead to infected tooth pulp, which will necessitate a root canal.

In the past few years, vitamin D has gained a reputation as a kind of vitamin cure-all. Women with the highest intake of vitamin D have been shown to have the lowest risk of developing Alzheimer’s. A second separate study has shown that low levels of vitamin D can result in a much higher risk of Alzheimer’s. Although you should consult with your dentist before making any drastic changes with your diet, getting the proper amount of vitamin D each day is essential in good health.

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