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Tooth Eruption in Obese Children

Tooth Eruption in Obese ChildrenObesity rates have risen drastically in the past decade, in both adults and children. There are many known health risks for people who are overweight, and new studies are showing risks to teeth in children who are obese. This is due to the timing of tooth eruption in those with excessive weight. If you have a child who is overweight, make an appointment to see our expert in pediatric in North Hollywood to determine if teeth may be erupting early.

Excessive fat tissue has been linked to an increased rate of growth in the body, including an increased rate for growth of teeth. While early eruption may not seem like a big issue, when teeth break through the gums early, it can lead to some problems with oral health.

Early eruption means that the teeth are exposed to decay-causing events for a longer period of time. Children with earlier adult teeth must be taught proper oral hygiene techniques at an earlier age to prevent the formation of cavities or gum disease.

Additionally, when larger permanent teeth come in early, smaller mouths may not be ready, creating an increased risk of malocclusion, where the teeth are not in their proper places, potentially increasing the need for orthodontic work later.

It is important for all children to have regular dental care visits to maintain good oral health. Our dentist in North Hollywood can make individualized recommendations for proper oral hygiene for your child to keep the teeth healthy.

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