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Teeth Whitening Treatments and Safety

Teeth Whitening Treatments and SafetyTeeth whitening treatments generally use peroxide as their main ingredient. The peroxide penetrates the pores of the enamel and breaks up the stains. One of the most popular cosmetic treatments, teeth whitening is considered safe and effective particularly when performed by a dental professional. Our North Hollywood cosmetic dentist offers several whitening options that can restore your smile to a brighter, more attractive appearance.

Recently, DIY whitening treatments have become more popular. These treatments often include lemon juice, baking soda and similar ingredients. While these treatments may be mildly effective against superficial stains, they can also be extremely damaging to your teeth. The baking soda can scratch your enamel while the acidic ingredients may erode it, leaving you more vulnerable to tooth decay.

Dental-supervised whitening treatments are safer and significantly more effective than these at-home treatments. We use powerful prescription-strength whiteners that do not damage or affect the natural structure of your teeth and that leave your teeth up to eight shades brighter after just one treatment.

Before undergoing any whitening procedure, schedule a checkup with our dentist. We can evaluate your smile to ensure you have no underlying dental conditions or problems that could affect your whitening results. A professional cleaning may be recommended to help the whitening treatment penetrate more evenly. We can even recommend the most appropriate products that can help you reach your smile goals. Contact our expert in teeth whitening in North Hollywood today to learn more or to schedule your consultation.

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