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Surprising Things that Can Damage Your Teeth

Surprising Things that Can Damage Your Teeth

Most people know that not brushing and flossing put your teeth at risk of dental disease, but not everyone knows that there are other common habits that could be doing just as much damage. These simple, everyday habits, such as an unhealthy diet or nail biting, could be threatening your dental health.

1. Bread, pasta, and cereals
Sweet treats like cupcakes and candy are obviously not good for your teeth, but many people do not realize that the simple carbs in bread and similar foods can also feed oral bacteria and promote plaque growth.

2. Using teeth as tools
Your teeth might seem like the handiest way to open packets, but those tough plastic containers can chip or crack your teeth, or even damage your jawbone. Be sure to use scissors instead. Biting on nails, pencils, ice, and other hard items can damage your teeth, too.

3. Brushing too zealously
Brushing is a good habit to practice, so many people think that harder brushing is better. Unfortunately, this is one of those cases where too much of a good thing is definitely bad. Aggressive brushing can damage the enamel coating on your teeth, as well as your gum tissue. Use a soft-bristled brush and a light touch when you brush. Brushing longer rather than harder is key.

4. Swimming
Swimming is an excellent way to stay in shape, but the chlorine used in many pools can damage your enamel. If possible, choose saltwater pools. Otherwise, keep your mouth closed when you swim, and rinse your mouth thoroughly after each dip in the pool.

5. Frequent whitening
Whitening is safe and effective when it is used the way it is intended to be used, but using it more often or for longer than recommended can result in damage to your enamel and gums.

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