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Some Causes of Bad Breath

Some Causes of Bad BreathSome dental health issues can be easily ignored. However, bad breath cannot. Bad breath can be frustrating and embarrassing, and it can negatively affect your social life. Dr. Afar, North Hollywood dentist, also wants you to know that bad breath can be a sign of serious dental concerns.

Some bad breath may simply be caused by dietary habits. Garlic and onions are notorious for causing short-term bad breath problems. Bad habits can also cause bad breath. If you smoke or chew tobacco, your breath may be the worse for it. Tobacco can also have an adverse effect on your dental health by delaying healing, interfering with blood flow and increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Chronic bad breath may also indicate dental decay, abscessed teeth or gum disease. The bacteria associated with these conditions reproduce and cause foul odors that create bad breath. Often, chronic bad breath caused by dental disease can be managed by good dental hygiene and appropriate dental treatment.

Brushing twice a day reduces plaque and bacteria buildup, which is both unsightly and malodorous. Daily flossing removes the buildup from between the teeth. Dr. Afar, North Hollywood periodontal treatments specialist, can recommend a dental care program that will address any dental health problems in order to attack your bad breath at its source. Early stages of gum disease can often be managed with a deep cleaning and good dental hygiene while dental decay and tooth abscesses may need dental fillings, root canal treatments or antibiotics.

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