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Problems Caused by Bad Gums

Problems Caused by Bad GumsGums are a very important indicator of your oral health. Many people tend to focus only on their teeth, oftentimes disregarding their gums altogether. The truth is, your gums and teeth work in unison and should both be properly maintained. That is why in addition to regularly brushing your teeth, it is very important that you also floss in between your teeth. And to make sure that you are effectively removing all of the plaque and tartar from your mouth, it is important to visit the dentist twice a year for an exam and cleaning. When plaque gets out of control, it leads to tooth decay and eventually gum disease.

The beginning stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. At this point, your gums will be red or swollen and bleed easily when brushed. It is important to indicate that gingivitis is entirely reversible. Sometimes practicing proper oral hygiene is all that is needed. In other cases, a deep cleaning known as a scaling and root planing procedure is required. Scaling is when our dentist in North Hollywood removes the plaque and tartar from above and below the gumline. Root planing is when the dentist removes the hard bacterial deposits from the root of your tooth.

Failure to treat gingivitis can lead to periodontitis. At this point, the real bad health issues start to happen. Your gums will likely start to recede. When they have receded past 4mm, then disease is indicated. Your gums will start pulling away from your jawbone, damaging tissue in the process. Your teeth will likely become loose and can even fall out. Furthermore, gum disease has been linked to serious health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer. Do yourself a favor, and start taking better care of your gums.


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