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Preventing Injuries to Your Mouth

Preventing Injuries to Your MouthAlthough most people link tooth loss to gum disease or tooth decay, facial trauma can also lead to tooth loss or other dental problems. Facial injury is not unavoidable, however. Our North Hollywood dentist recommends taking precautions whenever you are playing sports or engaging in other common activities so that you can reduce your risk.

• Babies are especially prone to facial injuries thanks to their comparatively large head sizes and developing motor skills. Always place your child in a car seat when driving, avoid using baby walkers and never leave your child unattended in a high chair or other location where he or she could easily fall.

• Industrial workers are also at an increased risk of facial injuries. Wear a hard hat, safety glasses and other recommended safety gear to reduce your risk.

• Athletes and weekend warriors may be prone to knocking teeth out or suffering other facial injuries. Wear a helmet, protective gear and a mouth guard, particularly if you engage in contact sports.

• How often do you think about facial trauma when you get behind the wheel of your car? Wear your seat belt every time you drive, and never get behind the wheel if you have been drinking or taking drugs. Also, use a hands-free phone to talk, and pull over to the shoulder or a parking lot if you need to send or receive a text.

If you would like to learn more about reducing your risks, we can help. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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