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More Facts About Dental Implants

More Facts About Dental Implants

No other restoration offers the kinds of results that dental implants do when it comes to replacing your natural teeth. If you have lost a tooth, our expert in dental implant North Hollywood may recommend a dental implant, which replaces both the root and the crown of the tooth that was lost. This design ensures lasting stability, strength, and durability while protecting your dental health and confidence.

It can take six months to a year to place a dental implant, but the results can last a lifetime. The implant process begins with a minor surgical procedure to place the implant device, a titanium root structure that is shaped similarly to the tooth’s root. Once it has been fit into the jawbone, the gums are sutured, and the tissues are given time to heal. This is the lengthiest part of the process, and how long it takes for you to heal depends on many factors, including your dental health, overall health, and lifestyle habits.

During the healing process, new bone tissue will be deposited around the implant and in the threads of the implant. The implant essentially becomes a part of the jawbone, just like the roots of your teeth. After the implant and jawbone have fused together, the implant can be restored. A dental crown is typically used to restore a single implant, giving you a new tooth that looks, feels, and acts just like your own natural teeth.

Implants do not decay, but they do still need proper care. Brush and floss carefully around your implant to remove plaque and bacteria, which could lead to tissue inflammation and implant failure. Call our office today to find out more about dental implants or to schedule your appointment with our team.

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