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Link between Smoking and Poor Dental Health

Link between Smoking and Poor Dental HealthNew studies prove the link between smoking and poor oral health. Not only does smoking lead to an increased risk for the development of bad breath and discoloration of teeth, but many other oral health problems as well. Smokers are also less likely to see a dentist for examinations or oral health problems most commonly due to inability to afford dental care.

Cigarette smoke contains many chemicals that can damage nearly every area of the body, including tissues within the mouth. Smoking causes more plaque and tartar to build up on the teeth and at the gum line, resulting in increased risk of decay and periodontal disease. Smokers develop greater damage due to periodontal disease, including increased risk of tooth loss and greater degeneration of bone in the jaw.

Those who smoke have slower healing times and a greater risk of developing infections, especially after certain procedures, surgical interventions, and extractions. There is an increased risk for the development of sores and ulcers in the mouth with a greater chance of developing oral cancer as well. Blood flow inside the mouth and to gum tissues is restricted due to smoking and can lead to these effects.

If you smoke, it is especially important for you to see our dentist in North Hollywood for proper cleaning and exams in order to help reduce the risk of developing oral health problems. The dentist can even help give you recommendations to quit smoking for improved health.

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