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Important Vitamins for Your Dental Health

Important Vitamins for Your Dental HealthIn addition to proper oral hygiene at home and professional exams and cleanings performed by the dentist, it is important to get the right nutrients for good dental health.

Vitamin A is important for healthy tissues in the mouth and for adequate saliva flow. Saliva helps to wash food debris and bacteria away from the teeth and gums.

Mouth sores, including canker sores, and bad breath may indicate deficiency in one of the B vitamins. Vitamins B2, B3, and B12 are all necessary to protect the mouth and for proper nerve function and tissue health.

Vitamin C helps to prevent gingivitis. This vitamin is also important to help prevent infection and help in tissue healing. Deficiencies in this nutrient may lead to bleeding from the gums and teeth that are loose.

Burning mouth syndrome is just one symptom of a Vitamin D deficiency. This nutrient is also important to help the body more effectively absorb calcium.

Calcium keeps teeth and bones strong to reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Iron deficiency may result in painful inflammation and sores in the soft tissues of the mouth. Magnesium helps strengthen tooth enamel, while zinc helps prevent bacteria and plaque along the gums.

Our North Hollywood dentist can help determine if you need more healthy nutrients for your dental health at your next exam and cleaning. A healthy diet goes hand in hand with proper oral care by you and your dental care provider.

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