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How You are Destroying Your Teeth

How You are Destroying Your Teeth

The causes of tooth damage are not always obvious. The more you know about the things that can ruin your teeth, the better prepared you will be to keep your teeth healthy. Here are four ways that you might be destroying your teeth right now.

Over-whitening Your Teeth

Teeth whitening does not normally cause long-term damage, but it can be harmful when it is done too frequently. While store-bought abrasive toothpastes are commonly to blame, overly frequent professional whitening can also erode teeth. Teeth sensitivity and increased susceptibility to cavities can result.

Abusing Your Teeth

Teeth are meant for chewing food. While teeth might seem handy for a variety of other applications, such as tearing open bags or even opening crimp-top bottles, using teeth for activities not related to food can cause major tooth damage. Use the right tools for the job to help keep your teeth intact.

Consuming Too Many Acidic Foods and Drinks

In moderation, sour foods and drinks will not harm the teeth for most people. Consumed too often, however, these items can cause tooth erosion that predisposes to cavities and sensitivity. Brushing immediately afterwards can actually increase the damage by adding abrasion to acidity.


Addictions to a variety of substances, including amphetamines and tobacco, can damage teeth and increase risks of tooth loss. For example, cigarette smoking is notorious for staining teeth and causing gum disease.

If your teeth are already damaged, you can ask our dentist about treatment, up to and including tooth replacement. A consultation with our dentist can be scheduled for a discussion of dental implants and other options.

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