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How Crowns Restore Damaged Teeth

how crowns restore damaged teethIf you have damaged or weak teeth, you will certainly want to take care of them sooner rather than later. Our cosmetic dentist in North Hollywood will be able to put crowns on your teeth in order to restore them. Crowns have been used for many years to protect and restore your teeth for many reasons. Crowns are usually made of porcelain, which is an extremely strong material, and permanently cemented onto the teeth. They can also be made of materials like ceramic, gold, acrylic, and other metal alloys.

There are many reasons why our expert in porcelain crowns in North Hollywood will recommend crowns for restoration. A crown can be used to replace a large filling when there is not a lot of natural tooth remaining. Crowns can also be used for restoration when a tooth is weak. Crowns are used to attach dental bridges, to cover an implant, used to cover a tooth that is discolored, or used following root canal treatments.

It can take a couple of appointments to get a crown applied to your teeth. In most cases, you will get a temporary crown. This temporary crown will only be used until the permanent crown is made. A crown can last for a lifetime though it is possible that over the years they can become damaged. This is usually the case if the patient does not take care of the crown correctly. Brushing and flossing, along with regular appointments, is the best way keep your crowns performing as they should for many years to come.

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