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Foods that are Surprisingly Bad for the Teeth

Foods that are Surprisingly Bad for the Teeth

It is no secret that sweets are bad for our waistlines, and they can also wreak havoc on our teeth. You say you eat healthy and avoid candy and sweets? Well, that may not be enough to protect those pearly whites. Read on to learn about some surprising foods that can endanger the health of your teeth.

Fruit Juices
Most people drink juice thinking it is a healthy alternative to soda. After all, they are loaded with vitamins and nutrients. But they are also loaded with sugar. Whether added or naturally occurring, the sugar has the same effect on our teeth, feeding the bacteria that live in our mouth, leading to tooth decay.

Bagels and Muffins
Some of us are in a rush in the morning and do not have time for breakfast. But think twice before grabbing that bagel or muffin on the way out the door. These are loaded with sugar, which, of course, is bad for your teeth. In addition, their texture causes them to stick to your teeth, especially the molars, which allow bacteria to continue to feed and multiply long after you eat one.

Sour Foods
Sour candies and even fresh lemons have a very high acid content, which is harmful to your teeth. The acid erodes the tooth enamel, leaving you susceptible to cavities.

Diet Sodas
Though they may not have sugar, they are full of chemicals including acid, which attack the enamel on your teeth.

Whenever you do have any of these foods, brush your teeth afterwards to wash away the harmful particles. And be sure to get a professional dental cleaning every six months to remove any tartar that has formed on your teeth.

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