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Ensuring the Dental Health of Your Kids

Ensuring the Dental Health of Your KidsAs a parent, it is up to you to start your kids off right in regard to proper oral health care. Taking care of the teeth and home and avoiding certain foods are some important steps you can take to insure your children's teeth remain healthy. In addition, it is important to have dental exams twice each year with a dental care provider who specializes in pediatric dentistry.

At home care consists of showing your child how to properly brush and floss the teeth. Teeth should be brushed twice every day and flossed daily for the best defense against cavities. Model proper oral health habits by taking care of your own oral hygiene as well.

There are certain foods and beverages that may increase the risk of cavity formation. It is important to discuss healthy and unhealthy food choices that can affect your child's teeth. Reduce or eliminate soda and juice, which have loads of sugar and are highly corrosive to teeth. Instead, offer water or lowfat milk when your child is thirsty. In addition, avoid or reduce foods and snacks that contain added sugars. Rather, choose choices such as fresh fruits and vegetables that are naturally sweet and may help keep the teeth clean and strong.

Be sure your children have their biannual dental exams. Our North Hollywood dentist will check to be sure your children's teeth are healthy and offer individualized recommendations on improving and maintaining your family's oral health practices.

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