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Dental Care Practices You Should Avoid

dental care practices you should avoidMost people underestimate the importance of dental health. Our dentist in North Hollywood has found that there are a number of dental care practices that people do that should be avoided. What are these procedures? Here are four of them:

• Only Seeing the Dentist When in Pain
Some people will only get dental care when they experience pain. Though the pain may be something relatively minor, like a tooth infection, it could also be something much more serious like gum disease. You could easily avoid all of this pain by making sure to see a dentist at least twice a year for a checkup.

• Experiencing Headaches and Not Associating Them to Your Teeth
Another mistake that people make when it comes to their dental health is to experience headaches, but never associating them to your teeth. For instance, you may have headaches and associate them with stress, but it could actually be a condition like TMJ or impacted teeth.

• Having a Tooth Pulled But Not Replacing It
You will also find that people make a mistake about their dental care when they have a tooth pulled, but did not choose to replace it with an implant or bridge. This is problematic because it could cause your remaining teeth to shift; your jaw bone could recede, or it could decrease the effectiveness of your chewing.

• Avoiding Whitening the Teeth
Finally, people will choose to avoid whitening their teeth because they deem it dangerous. Though it is possible that whitening can bring on mild sensitivity, it is short-lived and treatable.

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