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Cosmetic Dentist North Hollywood CA

Cosmetic Dentist North Hollywood CASome people are born with beautiful smiles. Most of us, however, must work for the smiles of our dreams. Those smiles require the right balance of good dental hygiene, good dental care and the right cosmetic treatments. Dramatic advances in the field of cosmetic dentistry provide our dentist in North Hollywood CA with the necessary tools to enhance or transform your smile so that you can feel more confident about your appearance.

One of the more common treatments patients request from our cosmetic dentist in North Hollywood CA is teeth whitening. Whitening treatments bleach away stains from foods, beverages and smoking. These stains can accumulate over time and leave your teeth looking yellow, brown or dingy, but in-office teeth whitening can bleach them away in just one appointment while take-home treatments produce more gradual results that become more noticeable over time.

Dental bonding is another common procedure that can allow our cosmetic dentist in North Hollywood CA to perform subtle corrections on teeth that are stained, misshapen, chipped or cracked. Dental bonding uses a tooth colored resin to reshape or recontour teeth. The bonding material will be applied, shaped and cured in thin layers before being polished to match your other teeth. It provides a natural-looking restoration that can perfect your smile between eight and 10 years after the original treatment.

Cosmetic Dentist in North Hollywood CA

Porcelain veneers are similar to dental bonding and can correct numerous cosmetic issues. With a lifespan of 20 years or more, they can provide a durable, stain-resistant restoration that can enhance your smile, eliminate stains, close gaps, correct misalignments and conceal other flaws. Our cosmetic dentist in North Hollywood CA may need to remove a small amount of enamel to ensure the proper fit, and then dental impressions will be taken so that the dental laboratory can make an accurate restoration. Once your veneers are made, they can be permanently bonded to your prepared teeth.

Whether you opt for one procedure or a full smile makeover, you can be confident that our cosmetic dentist will work with you to ensure we help you reach your smile goals. Continued good dental hygiene that includes twice daily brushing, daily flossing and biannual professional cleanings and checkups can keep your smile looking amazing.

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