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Bruxism and the Health of Your Teeth

Bruxism and the Health of Your TeethYour teeth are designed for chewing and eating. They fit together precisely so that you can eat comfortably and efficiently. We pay little attention to the actual mechanics of the process, which is largely because chewing is governed by the reflex nerve pathways and controlled by the brain. Bruxism is a condition that occurs when you are sleeping. Your reflexes may be triggering chewing, or tooth grinding, which can seriously affect the health of your teeth.

Damaged Teeth

Chipped and worn teeth are one of the more common side effects of bruxism. Those who grind their teeth often wear down their teeth, and any restorations that are present may fail prematurely. Other complications, including broken teeth or infections, can occur as the teeth become increasingly damaged.


The damaged teeth can trigger pain, but you may also experience more widespread pain, including headaches and jaw pain, due to the excessive forces exerted while you sleep. You may also suffer from increased tooth sensitivity due to the enamel becoming worn down.

Many people who have bruxism are unaware of the extent of the problem. Our dentist in North Hollywood can evaluate your teeth for signs of bruxism and make treatment recommendations that can help you kick the habit. Medications and cognitive behavioral therapy can help ease the bruxism while customized night guards can protect your teeth from further damage.

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