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Brushing the Teeth Leads to a Better Memory

Brushing the Teeth Leads to a Better Memory

It’s common knowledge that a smile featuring missing teeth doesn’t look great. We also know that missing teeth is unhealthy, leading to problems in the mouth and body. But scientists have also discovered that holes in the smile and poor dental health can lead to a lacking memory, as well.


A study was conducted in 2011 that looked at over two hundred patients over the age of fifty-five to analyze the relationship between our teeth and memory ability. The patients were given a series of memory tests. One interesting find was that older patients had fewer teeth and weakened memory skills.


Researchers also found that the more natural teeth a patient had, the higher their cognitive function results. Ergo, the older the patient and the fewer teeth they possessed meant that they had already suffered significant memory loss, or will in the future.


This connection is not limited to humans. Studies on animals have shown that they experience problems with motor skills and have difficulty learning new things afterwards.


The reason behind this connection is that our teeth are indirectly connected to our brains. When we chew, we are stimulating the connecting nerves and bone, which in turn stimulate the brain. Artificial teeth, or no teeth, means that the brain is not being stimulated, which will result in weakened functions, such as the memory.


Being conscientious regarding your dental health, which involves a good at-home routine and visiting our dentist regularly, will help you keep your natural teeth. This will decrease the risk of deteriorating memory and other mental functions in the future.

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