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Back To School Dental Care Tips

Back To School Dental Care Tips

Going back to school can bring with it a lot of changes and a mile long to-do list. Don’t let dental health problems get in the way of a good grade at the dentist’s office. Follow these back-to-school dental care tips to keep your smile on track all year long.

1. Stress management
Exams, term papers, and deadlines can really add up to a lot of stress, and stress can lead to tooth grinding. Habitual tooth grinding, or bruxism, can severely damage your teeth. If you are suffering from stress-related bruxism, treatments are available to protect your teeth and reduce the grinding, including dietary changes, night guards, and stress reduction techniques.

2. Alcohol consumption
College students might enjoy kicking back with a few drinks, but too many drinks can increase your risk of tooth decay thanks to the high sugar and acid content in most alcoholic drinks. To counteract the effects of alcohol, drink plenty of water on your nights out, and never fall into bed without brushing. Be just as careful with energy drinks, which also tend to be high in sugar and acid.

3. Safe sports
When engaging in contact sports, wear a mouth guard to protect your smile. A direct blow to the mouth can chip or crack a tooth, or even knock one out. A mouth guard might be the only thing standing between you and a gap in your smile.

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