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Are Home Whitening Kits Safe?

Are Home Whitening Kits Safe

Teeth whitening has become a serious industry in the last ten to fifteen years. One major sector of that market is at-home whitening kits that come in a variety of forms, including trays, strips, and more. But is the practice of home-whitening healthy and good for your teeth?
There are a couple important factors to consider when discussing this. The first has to do with proper and careful application. Because whitening products contain varying levels of hydrogen peroxide, as well as some that even contain mildly acidic solutions, the result is that damage can be done to the soft tissues in the mouth. They can actually cause a burning sensation on the lips, tongue, and gums. If left on too long, and certainly longer than recommended in the instructions, these products can also create severe sensitivity of the teeth. That sensitivity can take weeks to end, and stories abound of it never ending for some.

The other concern with at-home whitening products is that there is no control over the frequency of use. Depending on the product, these should only be used once or twice a month, while others should only be done a few times a year. People who overuse teeth bleaching products not only put themselves at risk of significant tooth sensitivity, but they actually have a name: bleachorexic or bleachaholic. Indeed, dentists have noted a significant uptick in such cases where patients create problems for themselves as a result of over-bleaching.

When used properly, for the correct duration of time and at the frequency recommended, at-home teeth whitening can indeed be safe, though. However, contact our teeth whitening dentist in North Hollywood before starting any treatments to ensure you know what you are doing.


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