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A Guide about Dentures

A Guide about DenturesDentures are removable prosthetic teeth that are typically made of acrylic resin. Complete dentures are made to replace all of the teeth in one or both arches, while partial dentures are made to fill gaps created by missing teeth. You may benefit from a complete or partial denture if you have lost some or all of your teeth. The prosthetic teeth will restore your chewing and speaking ability, and support your facial muscles. A partial will also help maintain proper spacing for your remaining teeth.

The process for getting a denture can take about a month, and you will need to schedule several appointments during this time. Once the initial diagnosis has been made, we will create a wax-up of your bite to ensure a proper fit and jaw position. We then design your smile, creating teeth with the proper color, shape, and size to your liking. Once the final denture has been crafted, we can make final adjustments as needed for comfort and fit.

You might need some time to adjust to your new smile. The new restoration may feel bulky or awkward initially, and eating and speaking can feel uncomfortable for a few days. Start with soft, easy-to-eat foods until you feel more confident.

Care for your denture and your mouth according to our instructions. While the prosthetic teeth cannot decay, they can become damaged. Brush using a specially designed denture brush, use a denture cleaner, and soak your denture in water or a cleansing solution when it is not in use. You will also need to brush your gums and tongue to remove plaque and stimulate blood flow, and schedule periodic dental checkups so that we can monitor your dental health.

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