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5 Foods that Can Harm Your Teeth

5 Foods that Can Harm Your Teeth

Are you eating a tooth-friendly diet? Unfortunately, some of the sneakiest cavity culprits could be lurking in your cupboards. We help you spot the worst offenders so that you can get a clean bill of dental health at your next checkup.

1. Juice, energy drinks, vitamin water, and sports drinks
These are all marketed as healthy alternatives to soda. While they do have vitamins, they are also loaded with sugar and often acids, which destroy dental enamel and cause teeth to decay. Your best bet is to avoid these drinks entirely, but if you simply must have one, dilute it with water and drink it through a straw. Rinse with water when you are finished.

2. Carbs
Simple carbs like bread, crackers, and chips are just a step away from candies, cupcakes, and cakes. They are full of the sugars and starches that oral bacteria love, and those oral bacteria are what you have to thank for tooth decay. If you choose to eat a carbohydrate-rich snack, make sure that you brush well after.

3. Lemons
Lemons and lemonade are certainly tasty ways to get your vitamin C fix, but they are also extremely acidic, which means that they can do serious damage to your teeth. Choose sugar-free lemonade to limit your sugar exposure, and sip through a straw to bypass your teeth.

4. Cough drops, vitamin lozenges, and cough syrup
When you have a cold, you likely spend a lot of time sucking on these little flavorful medicines, but you might not realize that they often contain far more sugar than they do medicine, and fail to brush properly to accommodate for that. Choose sugar-free versions whenever possible, stay well-hydrated when sick, and brush thoroughly whenever you need to use chewable or lozenge-form medications.

5. Candy
Candy is a no-brainer when it comes to cavities, but even sugar-free candy can be bad for your teeth if they are sour. This is because it is high in acid, which alters the pH level in your mouth and damages the minerals in your teeth. Look for non-sour sugar-free candies if you must feed your sweet tooth.

Good dental care and diet can go a long way towards keeping your smile healthy. Call our office today to find out more or to schedule your appointment with our team.

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