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Oral Care for Patients with Diabetes

Oral Care for Patients with DiabetesMore than 20 million Americans have diabetes, but they may not be aware that their condition affects more than their blood sugar levels. According to several studies, diabetes is linked to gum disease. Our North Hollywood dentist encourages our patients with diabetes to understand their unique dental health needs so that they can better protect their teeth and gums from disease.

The research reveals that diabetes increases the risk for gum disease, but gum disease also increases the risk for developing diabetes. Poor blood sugar control can contribute to the development of gingivitis and gum disease, and those with diabetes may also be more susceptible to infection and have a muted immune response to the infection. Those with diabetes may also be more prone to thrush, which is an oral yeast infection, as well as dry mouth, cavities and mouth sores.

Maintaining good control of your blood sugar levels is one of the best ways to protect your dental health. If you wear dentures, remove and clean them as directed every day. If you do not have dentures, brush and floss your teeth after meals or at least twice daily. If you have dry mouth, chew sugar-free gum or drink more water to alleviate your symptoms.

Talk to our dentist about your health concerns at your next appointment. Our dentist can better create a preventative plan for you if we fully understand your other health issues, and we can suggest treatments or procedures designed to reduce the risks posed by diabetes. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation.

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