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North Hollywood Managed Dental Care HMO Dental Insurance Dentist

North Hollywood Managed Dental Care HMO Dental Insurance DentistKeeping your smile strong and healthy may be able to promote a healthier body, too. With healthy teeth, you will be able to eat a more nutritious diet while healthy gums are associated with improved heart health and better diabetes management. Poor dental health is associated with obesity, pregnancy complications and certain types of cancer. Our cosmetic dentist in North Hollywood is committed to providing you with the information and the tools you need to enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Along with good at-home care, routine checkups and cleanings are some of the healthiest things you can do for your smile. At your appointment, our Managed Dental Care HMO dental insurance dentist in North Hollywood will take the time to discuss your unique dental needs. Your teeth and gums will be examined for any signs of dental disease or abnormalities, and we may make treatment recommendations. We may also suggest changes to your daily hygiene routine that can help keep your smile looking and feeling great.

Managed Dental Care HMO Dental Insurance Provider North Hollywood

Periodontal treatments, dental fillings, root canal treatments, porcelain crowns and more can play a role in improving or maintaining your dental health. Our recommendations will be based on your needs, preferences and goals. We also offer orthodontics, which can be used to straighten and enhance your smile.

Although purely elective in nature, our cosmetic treatments can improve the overall appearance of your smile. In some cases, they can even improve your dental health. Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that can leave your smile straighter and more attractive. Porcelain veneers and Lumineers can be used to correct chips, gaps, misalignments and worn enamel while teeth whitening can eliminate stains and rejuvenate your entire appearance.

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