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North Hollywood Blue Shield PPO Dental Insurance Dentist

North Hollywood Blue Shield PPO Dental Insurance DentistOur Blue Shield PPO dental insurance dentist in North Hollywood offers full-service dental treatments in our comfortable, boutique-style dental office. We welcome new patients and offer comprehensive oral evaluations to identify any areas of concern. With the right treatment plan, you can achieve not only good dental health but also learn how to better maintain your smile.

Good dental hygiene that includes twice daily brushing with a soft-bristled brush and fluoride toothpaste and daily flossing works with regular dental care. The combination of good at home oral hygiene along with visits to your dentist will help to reduce the amount of plaque and bacteria. Routine dental checkups, which are recommend every six months for most of our patients, give our Blue Shield PPO dental insurance provider in North Hollywood an opportunity to ensure your continued good dental health and make treatment recommendations. Pregnant women, smokers, those with diabetes and those with compromised immune systems may need more frequent dental checkups or professional cleanings.

Blue Shield PPO Dental Insurance Provider North Hollywood

Our dental services include:

•    Dental X-rays, oral cancer screenings and advanced diagnostics
•    Professional cleanings, including scaling and root planing
•    Tooth-colored dental fillings
•    Root canal treatments
•    Porcelain crowns
•    Inlays and onlays
•    Dental bonding
•    Orthodontic treatments, including traditional braces and Invisalign
•    Surgical and non-surgical periodontal treatments
•    Dental extractions and other dental surgery
•    Dental implants
•    Dental bridges
•    Full and partial dentures
•    Teeth whitening treatments, including Zoom whitening
•    Dental veneers, including porcelain veneers and Lumineers

Our dental office features convenient office hours, and we have emergency dental care available when necessary. Our team of general dentists, dental specialists and other dental professionals can offer you full service dentistry in one convenient location. We even offer regular specials to help you learn more about your options, and we have sedation treatments available to ensure the most comfortable experience possible for our patients who have dental anxiety. Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment with our dentist in North Hollywood.



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