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North Hollywood Ameritas PPO Dental Insurance Dentist

North Hollywood Ameritas PPO Dental Insurance DentistA healthy smile can be the foundation of good overall health. Studies have linked poor dental health to such serious health problems as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, pregnancy complications and respiratory infections. By maintaining good dental hygiene and visiting our dentist regularly, you can reduce the risk of dental health problems and maintain better overall health. Our Ameritas PPO dental insurance dentist in North Hollywood is committed to providing you with the tools you need to enjoy good dental health.

We offer comprehensive dental care for the whole family. With a special focus on education and prevention, our team of dental professionals believes that good dental health begins with the basics. We encourage our patients to brush after meals, floss daily and visit us every six months. Your biannual dental checkup can be a valuable opportunity to learn about new recommendations, treatment options and other ways you can improve your dental health. It gives us an opportunity to examine your teeth and gums for the earliest signs of problems at a point when they are generally easily treated.

Ameritas PPO Dental Insurance Provider North Hollywood

Our Ameritas PPO dental insurance provider in North Hollywood also offers routine dental treatments, orthodontics, periodontal treatments, restorative treatments, pediatric dentistry, implant dentistry, dental surgery, orthodontics, endodontics, sedation dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Your customized treatment plan may involve several branches of dentistry as we work with you to improve your dental health, preserve strong teeth and enhance the natural beauty of your smile.

We strive to make quality dental care accessible and convenient for all of our patients. Our morning and evening office hours are designed to fit easily into your schedule, and we offer on-call emergency service when needed. Regular specials are available to help you explore further options. Contact our office today to schedule your next appointment with our North Hollywood dentist.

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