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Mistakes You Make in Your Dental Care

Mistakes You Make in Your Dental Care

You may think you take good care of your teeth. But during a dental exam and cleaning, your dentist might find otherwise. If this happens to you, you might be making some of these common mistakes.

Brushing Too Hard

Some people brush their teeth way too hard. This can damage the enamel as well as the gums. It is not necessary to brush hard to remove surface stains. Use a soft bristled toothbrush and apply only gentle pressure.

Not Brushing Long Enough

The average person spends 46 seconds brushing their teeth. However, dentists recommend brushing for 2 minutes. To ensure you brush long enough, set a timer for 2 minutes and keep brushing until it stops.

Brushing Unevenly

People often start out brushing well and lose interest as they continue. As a result, the area that was hit first is brushed thoroughly, while the final area receives little attention. To spread quality brushing throughout your mouth, Try starting in a different quadrant each time you brush. Also use a timer to brush in each quadrant for 30 seconds. An electric toothbrush can help too, since they often encorporate a timer that signals you every 30 seconds.

Not Flossing

Flossing is an often overlooked part of dental care. But the spaces between your teeth need cleaned too, and flossing is the only way to do it. So floss every day. If you find flossing difficult, ask your dentist about flossing aids to make the process easier.

Drinking Fruit Juice

People think of fruit juice as a healthy alternative to soda. While fruits are a necessary food group, fruit juices are loaded with sugars and acid, which are anything but healthy for your teeth. The sugars contribute to decay, while the acid erodes your tooth enamel. When thirsty, grab a glass of water instead.

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