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Different Methods for Getting Whiter Teeth

Different Methods for Getting Whiter TeethTeeth whitening can eliminate superficial stains and leave your smile bright and glowing. If you are considering teeth whitening, our cosmetic dentist in North Hollywood can help you learn more about your options so that you can enjoy the best possible results. In many cases, a teeth cleaning before whitening can help remove any buildup that may make the whitening process less efficient.

The external layer of your teeth is known as enamel. This layer is largely translucent, or clear. Underneath the enamel layer is dentin. Dentin can range in color from yellow to brown or black. As you age, your enamel can become increasingly worn, allowing the dentin to be shown through more clearly. Your teeth may appear more yellow or gray. In some cases, foods, tobacco or stains will also discolor teeth by penetrating the clear enamel layer or deeper layer of dentin.

Two basic types of whitening are available: mechanical whitening and chemical whitening. Most whitening toothpastes have a mild abrasive that can remove surface stains from the enamel. A professional dental cleaning can often have the same effect. Professional whitening treatments use a bleaching agent that goes deeper into the pores of the enamel in order to whiten the dentin as well and produce a dramatically whiter smile. Over-the-counter products are also available, but these should also be used under the guidance of a dental professional in order to reduce the risk of side effects and improve the overall results.

Contact our North Hollywood teeth whitening specialist today to learn more about your options or to schedule your consultation.

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